Williams-Sonoma‘s cookie cutter sets are great for creating fun, shaped treats such as sugar cookies, cut-out brownies, gelatin shapes and eggs or pancakes, but they can also be surprisingly utilitarian. Many of our cookie cutter sets are perfect for all-purpose kitchen use, whether you use them for terrines, cutting biscuits, plating precision or making precise templates for batter portions. From whimsical shapes to simple geometrics such as perfect circles and squares, these cookie cutter sets are a must-have for the creative home chef. These cutter sets can allow you to think outside of the box in a variety of different ways, whether you get into bento-style lunch artistry for your kids or enhance your hors d‘oeuvres.

Just as mix to create your dough or you whip it up from scratch, when you want to make shaped cookies, it‘s best to focus on cookie types that don‘t have a lot of chunky additions such as nuts, dried fruit or chocolate chips. Mini chocolate chips or finely chopped nuts can be OK, but larger chunks often make it difficult to maintain a shape. Additionally, cookie doughs that have a lot of textural variations are often too wet to stand up to the kind of handling that cookie cutter use requires, so keep this in mind as you search for the perfect recipe for your new cookie cutter set.

From grandmas to junior chefs, cookie cutters have a classic fun appeal in the kitchen. And while our cookie cutter sets include plenty of fun shapes, from letters of the alphabet to characters from major movie franchises, we also offer nesting sets of simple shapes to allow for maximum versatility in the kitchen. From turning out perfect brownie squares to making beautifully uniform biscuits or even using them to shape savory foods, our nesting cookie cutter sets are a useful addition to an active kitchen.