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Whether it’s a special occasion, holiday or a particular season, themed cookies offer a fun and easy way to celebrate. At Williams-Sonoma, we offer a wide range of cutters and molds that help you create exciting cookies and pancakes. We have many types of cookie cutters available, from fall-themed cutters to Star Wars™ cutters that help your baked goods look like your favorite intergalactic characters. If you have little ones running around, grab an alphabet cutter set to write out a fun message in cookies to help them learn their ABCs or to place on top of cupcakes and cakes. Or choose a traditional circular mold. Molds are very easy to use, even for children, and can produce professional-looking cookies that you’ll feel great about serving at events. Most are made with stainless-steel, which maintains its luster and is long-lasting.

Get started by making a cookie dough, which is easily done with one of our mixers. We have small mixers for basic uses, up to large professional-grade mixers. Some of our mixers even come with a built-in light and timer, which allows you to be incredibly precise. They feature a convenient splatter-proof design, which means less to clean up afterwards. If you’re making a batter from scratch, it's possible to experiment with a range of ingredients. Mix chocolate and mint for an elegant cookie, or make a plain batter for sugar cookies. If there isn’t enough time or enough ingredients at home, just grab one of our cookie mixes. We have flavors like red velvet cookie, pumpkin spice and lemon sugar. The pumpkin spice flavor is a big hit around Halloween and Thanksgiving. Or, take the red velvet cookie and add a luxurious frosting for a sophisticated twist on an old classic for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. These mixes are a great alternative to making complex batter. You can use your fresh batter right away or freeze it for use later.

Next, ensure even cooking with one of our cookie sheets. Our cookie sheets are commercial-grade and made of high-quality steel. Most have a nonstick surface, which reduces the need for oiling the sheets. Some also have diamond-textured tops that allow for air to flow beneath the baked goods while they're cooking in the oven. This helps produce crispy and well-browned cookies. Once the cookies are done, use a cooling rack. These offer airflow below and above the cookie so they can cool down much faster. The cooling rack is a handy tool for bakers, since it can be used for cakes, brownies and other desserts as well. After they cool down, take a moment to decorate them with sprinkles, frosting and more. Involve the kids and invite them to create their own designs. Other unique ways to use cookies are by making cookie ice cream sandwiches, or by mixing them into a cookies and cream milkshake.

For muffins, consider our muffin papers for a professional presentation. These are made with compostable paper as well to help you feel great about being environmentally conscious. Muffins can be made with nuts for a sophisticated, adult taste, or with sweet fruits, like bananas, which can appeal to children. They are also convenient as a quick breakfast item in the mornings. If there are extras that you need to store, grab a canister and organize your cookies neatly. We have canisters made from materials such as copper, marble and glass. Go the classic route with a glass cookie jar, or use an airtight storage container to ensure longevity. These look great on kitchen countertops, or you can move them easily to a dining room table for dessert. Besides baked goods, the canisters can be helpful for storing small fruits and vegetables, as well as cereal and granola.