Novelty Cake Pans

For avid home bakers or occasional hobbyists who want to make something special, novelty cake pans are an essential addition to any collection of bakeware. These shaped cake pans allow you to quickly and easily create baked goods that will impress your friends and family. The intricacy and detail of the shapes these can pans turn out will conceal the relatively short amount of time it actually took you to whip up your sweet treats. With these shaped cake pans, no sculpting skill is necessary, and you can create amazingly accurate cakes shaped like everything from skulls to fruit.

Williams-Sonoma has focused on the most reliable names in bakeware to bring you this collection, which will bring delight to everyone in your home. Trusted brands such as Nordic Ware and Gobel bring you novelty cake pans in a variety of shapes and sizes. From bite-size whimsy to multi-serving baked goods in classic shapes, our shaped cake pans let you focus on the exact aesthetic impression you want to make with your creations. Whether you prefer a traditional shape such as a bouchon or madeline, or you want to go for a seasonal shape to celebrate Halloween or the changing seasons, you‘ll have the ability to narrow down your options to those shaped cake pans that best suit your style.

Our collection of cake pans is stocked with sturdily constructed options that can either assist in the creation of a specific item or multitask in the creation of everything from cakes to gelatin molds and shaped savory foods such as cheese. The novelty cake pan options we offer allow you to push your creativity to the next level and focus on elements such as recipe and decoration rather than the shape of your creations. To ensure the best result, use recommended lubricants such as a floured surface to have the best chance of a clean release from the pan when your baked goods are done.

Our shaped cake pans are a fantastic addition to your bakeware collection, whether you‘re looking for ways to keep yourself entertained in the kitchen or you want to introduce a junior chef to the joys of baking alchemy. From birthdays and holidays to a special treat just for the fun of it, this collection of novelty cake pans provides a simple and reliable way to create impressive cakes, brownies and more. Follow the proper care instructions, and these sturdy pans will assist you in wowing your loved ones for years to come.