Classic Cake Pans

For cakes, tarts, quickbreads, cookie bars and even roasted vegetables and baked pasta, it‘s tough to beat the versatility of a classic round or square cake pan. Williams-Sonoma offers an efficient collection of round and square cake pans for all your culinary needs, whether you‘re making a birthday cake or roasting vegetables for a soup. If you‘re concerned with building up a bakeware collection, you can choose between a variety of versatile options, including round cake pans in various sizes, springform pans that are perfect for cheesecakes and other delicate bakes, and square cake pans that you can use for single-layer cakes, bar cookies and more.

The bakeware you select should vary based on the task ahead of you, so it makes sense to build a varied collection of tools. Round cake pans are perfect for making classic layer cakes, and square pans can be useful for everything from cinnamon rolls to berry crumbles. Size and shape are typically a matter of preference and recipe specifications; what really matters is quality. Our selections in this bakeware category focus on the highest-quality materials from trusted culinary brands, giving you the confidence to shop for a specific type of classic cake pan without worrying about quality and durability.

Nordic Ware, Calphalon, Kitchen Aid and our own house brand are just a few of the names you‘ll see in this category. With solid, restaurant-grade construction and innovations such as specialty nonstick coatings, these square and round cake pans will stand up to regular use in your kitchen. Whether you have a burgeoning cake business or you‘re simply an enthusiastic hobbyist who gets to create elaborate culinary concoctions a few times a year, you‘ll find that these cake pans can stand up to regular use at high heat. Seamless metal-body design and thoughtful details such as storage lids help distinguish our product offerings, making your shopping experience simple and rewarding.

From special-occasion or seasonal baking to everyday food prep, our selection of classic cake pans includes a variety of different essentials for your kitchen. From novice bakers to seasoned pros, these trusty pans are useful for any skill level. Your baking creations are in your hands until they reach the oven, and at that point, you can take comfort in the fact that you‘ve selected the best-possible bakeware for the job. Investing in your culinary creations doesn‘t take much in this category, and the quality of your results will pay dividends over time.