Bread & Loaf Pans

There are a lot of reasons why baking your own bread is a great idea. For one thing, you use fresh ingredients. It can also be healthier, since you decide what kind of flour to use, what kind of oil and how much. Kneading bread is therapeutic for some people. They like to ease away the tensions of a tough day by working with dough. Whatever your motivation, Williams-Sonoma makes it as easy as possible with professional-quality loaf pans and all the baking tools you need for success.

Size definitely matters when it comes to bread. We have a variety of bread pans that can hold loaves from 1 1/2-pound loaves to mini molds that kids adore. That’s important since bread shouldn’t be crowded or have too much space in the pan, either. The right size helps you to get that perfect crested look no matter the amount of dough you’re making. Individual mini pound cakes make excellent gifts, easy school snacks and unforgettable treats for company.

Our high-quality bread pans also come in different shapes. Traditional molds are great for soft sandwich bread, hearty whole-grain loaves and quick breads. Larger molds let you play around with dried fruit, raisins and specialty ingredients. If your family is craving your homemade meatloaf, go with a ceramic or stoneware pan. They absorb heat exceptionally well, so the heavier center still cooks all the way through without drying things out. For focaccia and other nontraditional bread styles, a baking stone is a must-have item.

Your family will be thinking sweet thoughts as they sink their teeth into mouthwatering pound cake. Our nonstick loaf pans are a big help since dessert releases without problems when it’s time to serve. That way it looks golden and perfectly formed. To impress guests even more, choose one of our shaped pans from Nordic Ware – the original Bundt cake pan makers. Flower blossoms, harvest motifs, a fleur-de-lis and other elegant contours stand out on the dinner table.

Capture the essence of France with homemade brioche. For that luscious, crispy, flaky and soft texture that people love, it’s a good idea to have specially-designed brioche molds. Their fluted design lets your brioche rise properly, cook enough on the inside and end up golden-brown on the outside. They’re made in France by baking experts with more than 100 years of experience. Eat brioche on its own or with sweet and tart homemade jam.

If you’re looking for state-of-the-art loaf pans that professional bakeries love, it’s hard to beat our Protouch nonstick vessels. This is a brand that is durable to the max and can stand up to pretty much everything you throw at it. If you’re passionate about bread making and use your pans a lot, then this is a great choice for you. It releases effortlessly every time, with no sticking or staining. It’s made of commercial-grade aluminized steel for quick and even baking. A huge benefit is that Protouch pans are thermal shock-resistant, which means that if you have dough resting in the freezer, you can put it straight in the oven without damaging the pan at all. A stand mixer cuts prep time down by a lot.

Other copper-colored loaf pans focus on a stylish exterior that can be taken straight to the dining room table for serving. Their metallic finish brightens up the room at any time of day, whether for a fresh-from-the-oven breakfast, warm pound cake and afternoon coffee with friends, or an elegant meatloaf. They’re one of the top makers of bread pans. On the inside, they have a ceramic coating for extra-easy release and cleanup. Aluminized steel gives you great results baking, with no hotspots to worry about. The best part is that the pan won’t corrode or rust no matter how much you use it. For waffles in a hurry, it’s OK to go electric. Your kids will be happy and they only take a few minutes.