Rolling Pins

The oven is preheating, and the kitchen and entire house are about to be filled with the scent of fresh sugar cookies, homemade pizza or a sweet fruit pie baking. But first you need the right tool to use when rolling the dough. Williams-Sonoma offers several styles of rolling pins that can help you flatten and shape dough so it is ready to slide into the oven. Our selection of baking and pastry tools includes wood and marble rolling pins, adjustable models that can be set to roll out different thicknesses and solid, professional-style baking tools made from durable materials, such as hardwoods like maple.

Make perfectly sized pie crusts or macaroons when you use your rolling pin with one of our pastry prep boards or mats. These mats and boards are available in a plain version that allows for creative expression and are available with marked out circles that show the diameter to which you need to roll or squeeze out the dough in order to make tarts or pies of different sizes. Pastry boards also take some of the sting out of cleanup time after baking because the boards catch the excess flour and mess so it doesn’t end up all over your counter.

When creating a perfectly topped apple or cherry pie, choose from our selection of pastry tools like a top crust cutter or a fluted pastry cutter to embellish the upper crust of your pies with an autumn design, cherry cutouts or lacy latticework. For decorative, shaped cookies, our cookie cutters create designs from flattened dough rolled with a straight or tapered rolling pin, while our presses work the dough and create preshaped pieces your family can enjoy fresh from the oven or with additional decorations.

For a delicious gift idea, try turning your baked goods into gifts for family and friends this year. You already know the people in your life enjoy your baked treats, so giving each person his or her favorite type of pastry is a way to offer a gift that’s sure to be a hit. Just add some pretty gift packaging like colorful baker’s twine or foil-embossed labels made with one of our embossing sets to turn a simple package into a personalized gift. For loved ones who enjoy baking, adding an embossed recipe card to a wood rolling pin or marble rolling pin is a way to add to the personalization of the gift. If you are comfortable sharing your recipe, that is.