Gluten-Free Mixes

For those who don’t eat gluten, Williams-Sonoma provides a variety of baking mixes to accommodate you. Baked goods don’t have to be just from the bakery: there are gluten-free mixes for any situation. Birthday coming up? Liven up your celebration with the gluten-free wholesomecake mix in vanilla. This mix is dairy-free and doesn’t contain any GMO ingredients. And what about pizza lovers? There’s a delectable gluten-free pizza crust mix to satisfy your cravings. Just mix with olive oil, egg and water and you’ll have a delicious crust for your dish in no time. For an additional treat, try the all-natural chocolate brownie mix. This gluten-free mix is also dairy-free and makes rich, fudgy brownies that are sure to impress the pickiest of eaters.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not eating gluten might seem to cut down on your own morning meal options, but these gluten-free mixes have come to the rescue. Start your day right with our own Flappin’ Jack pancake mix. Just add milk, egg and butter to get fluffy, light buttermilk pancakes that you’ll have to taste to believe. Also available is the Bellegem waffle mix, the gluten-free version of Belgian waffles. Top with whipped cream and fresh fruit for a yummy meal.

Williams-Sonoma provides gluten-free quick bread mixes that are great for any time of day. Buy the pumpkin chocolate chunk mix along with the caramel pumpkin butter for some extra decadence. This recipe is easy to make and contains real ingredients, like buttermilk, chocolate chunks and pumpkin. The caramel pumpkin butter is a delectable spread that will enhance the quick bread for a perfect seasonal appetizer. That’s not the only gluten-free quick bread mix and spread combinations available. Also try the chocolate chip quick bread mix with the chocolate hazelnut butter spread, the cinnamon apple quick bread mix with cinnamon apple butter or maple apple butter, or the pumpkin chocolate chunk quick bread mix with pecan pumpkin butter.

For dessert, try your hand at making your very own piecrust with the gluten-free piecrust mix. Don’t be intimated by the process of making your own piecrust. This mix makes it easier than ever. Made from only the finest ingredients, this gluten-free mix can also be used to create a tartlet or quiche crust, as well as a pot pie topping. Other classic dessert gluten-free mixes are available, such as the sugar cookie mix and the chocolate chunk cookie mix. To try something new, consider the chocolate bouchon gluten-free mix. These classic French cakelets are sure to delight your guests. Simple to make, these exquisite bouchons will have your dinner party guests thinking you’ve gone to culinary school.