Dessert Mixes

Baking with or for your loved ones is one of the best ways to spend time together, and with Williams-Sonoma’s selection of dessert mixes, whipping up your own sweet treats is easier than ever. From cookies and brownies to cakes and even ice cream, all you need are a few extra ingredients and your favorite bakeware pieces to get started making your own homemade desserts.

Our own brand of Bundt cake mixes comes in classic flavors such as red velvet, vanilla bean and lemon, and the mixes contain organic flour sourced from small family farms. Just add ingredients you already have around the house, such as eggs, buttermilk and oil, and pop the batter into the oven in your favorite Bundt cake pan. Before long, the aroma of cake will be wafting through your house. Top it off with one of our delicious icing and frosting mixes.

Of course, you cannot have cake without ice cream, and we offer a selection of delicious flavors of ice cream starter mixes, such as cake batter, s’mores and creamy caramel. Classics including vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are also available. Mix the starter with heavy cream and half and half in your ice cream maker, and in half an hour, you can enjoy a bowl of smooth, rich ice cream. Do not forget the sprinkles!

If you have a young chef in the family, you can bond with her over the mixing bowl when you whip up a batch of vanilla cupcakes or sugar cookies from the American Girl brand of dessert mixes. They also contain only organic flour, as well as premium vanilla, and only require ingredients such as milk, eggs and butter to complete a batch. Afterwards, the entire family can have fun decorating them with colorful frosting, nuts, candy and sprinkles.

The rich yet tender pound cakes you can bake with our dessert mixes make excellent gifts for birthdays, holidays or friends who are feeling under the weather. They are also light enough to enjoy for breakfast. And if you are more of a pie person, we offer a selection of pie fillings in jars, as well as mixes for making your own crust. All you need is a pie pan and eggs and butter, and you have a dessert worthy of even the fanciest holiday feast.

You cannot go wrong with our cookie and brownie dessert mixes. Available in an assortment of classic and contemporary flavors, these mixes make excellent gifts, even for the hardest person on your list to shop for.