Top-Rated Bakeware

Good bakeware is an investment. You want pieces that are going to be durable and strong. One of the best ways to find the best piece is to look at the top-rated bakeware. Other customers and users have bought and rated these pieces as the best of the best offered by Williams-Sonoma. You can find the pieces you need to take your already wonderful bake goods to the next level. You can pair your new bakeware with our baking mixes and ingredients to start you off on your first project. With brand-name products, you know you are getting high-quality materials and finishes. There are several Bundt pans made our top-rated list. You can find traditional swirl- and arch-shaped Bundt pans as well as flower-shaped pans for a more dramatic presentation. All three versions of the pan are nonstick so these contoured and detailed cakes will slide out for a beautiful presentation. These cakes are ideal gifts. You can wrap them up using our gift packaging to make a presentation equally as pretty as the cake is delicious.

The bakeware sets are all nonstick and ceramic coated to make them very durable. The six-piece set offers two cake pans, cookie sheet, half-sheet pan, muffin pan and cooling rack. The four-piece has two cake pans, a half-sheet pan and muffin pan. The smallest set is three pieces and has two cookie sheets and cooling rack. These sets are also ideal to gift to aspiring junior chefs. They offer a great foundation set for successful baking.

Even if you have the top-of-the-line nonstick baking or cookie sheets, things can stick or make a mess as they bake. One of the top-rated items that we offer are the silicone cookie sheet liners. These liners make cleaning your sheet pans much easier. They come in four sizes to fit cookie sheets, half-sheet pans, quarter-sheet pans and jelly roll pans. They can also do double duty to keep your counters clean when you are using decorating tools to decorate the baked goods you make. The can also be used to roll out dough on. The dough will roll smoother and not stick to your surface as easily, meaning you can use little to no flour to dust your surface.

Having a proper surface to roll out dough and pastries is important. Our reversible pastry board gives you a stable and smooth surface. The yellow birch has a lip on each end that braces it against the countertop. One side of the board is smooth, which makes it a good choice for chopping as well. The other side of the board has special features. There are circles actually branded into the wood of the board. These circles help you find different-sized circle dimension that are commonly used for pie crust, like 9" and 8". You will also find a recipe for pie pastry on the board. There is also a 14" ruler and measurement equivalents. Baking requires a lot of measuring, so make sure you have a quality set of measuring cups and spoons.

You can make specialty pastries and bake goods with the right tools. The tartlet baking set takes many of the difficulties of making these tiny fillable crusts. The set has three pieces. There is a mini-tart pan that will hold 12 tarts, a cutter and a tamper. The cutter gives you the ruffled edge on the tart. The pan, combined with the tamper, allows you press the dough into the pan and created the ruffled edge all the way around both inside and out. You donʼt end up with fingerprints on the inside of your pastry shell. You can find accurate scales for measuring out your dough and ingredients because accurate measuring is important in baking.