Top Gifts

If you have a baker in your life, chances are good that you often receive gifts of cakes, cookies, pastries and other fun baked goods on the regular. Return the favor by checking out the top gifts for passionate bakers at Williams-Sonoma. Whether your friend is just beginning her baking journey or she is a seasoned pro, we have pans, Cookie sheets are big enough to accommodate several little morsels, while cooling racks are important for letting the finished product set before decorating. Find a set of nonstick bakeware to make a baker’s life a little easier.

Before baking ever begins, one of the most important steps is getting the dough ready. A marble pastry board keeps the prepared dough firm and cool while being worked with hands or a rolling pin. Marble is also exceptionally flat, leaving fewer bumps and creases in the dough. Along with the marble board, a marble rolling pin provides the same coolness and even surface. Beech handles on the sides of a pin provide a good grip when working with a lot of dough throughout the day.

The art of baking is really more like a science. It is important to get the measurements of ingredients just right to come out with the best final product. A top gift for bakers is a set of measuring cups and spoons that nest together for easy storage. Stainless-steel measuring instruments are nonstick, making sure that sticky sugars and other ingredients do not stay on them. Cups and spoons with longer handles are great for digging into almost empty bags of flour and sugar. Find a set with both customary and metric measurements to make ingredients in cookbooks from around the world.

Dough can do a lot more than just make desserts. Sometimes a baker may want to put that dough to use for a delicious pizza for friends to share. Make sure the pie turns out perfectly crisp when you gift a pizza stone for the oven. These devices keep consistent heat throughout, and they do not scratch or crack when cutting the final product. They are both microwavable and dishwasher-safe, making them an excellent addition to any baker’s arsenal.