Food Scales

Great kitchen tools can make cooking easier, more efficient and precise. Our Williams-Sonoma selection of food scales is a great addition to any home cookʼs toolbox. Choose from traditional analog scales or from one of our modern electric scales. The traditional scale is simple to use with a built-in steel bowl and is popular among bakers. These can weigh up to 11 pounds. For more precise readings, choose an electric scale. We have a range that can weigh up to 30 pounds. These come in handy when cooking complex holiday meals and for measuring bulk foods. Some of our scales come equipped with Aquatronic, which can even measure liquids. This is a great alternative to using the traditional cutting boards. Choose from wooden or synthetic boards. Wooden boards add a rustic vibe to any kitchen, and can be used as serving platters for bread. Synthetic boards come in many different colors and shapes, and can be easily washed off and cleaned.

With a reliable scale, chefs can feel confident about trying new recipes and cooking them correctly. Although itʼs tempting to guesstimate ingredients here and there, itʼs a good habit to get into using a scale on a regular basis. The quality of the food is sure to become elevated and more sophisticated.

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