Registry Favorites

If you love prepping homemade muffins, cakes, cookies or sheet cakes, then our bakeware registry favorites certainly make ideal additions to your registry list. Weddings can be overwhelming, but they also offer a chance to make your first kitchen fully equipped easily. Our collection features cookie sheets, cake pans, muffin pans and loaf pans to give your guests a wide variety. Each of the item is nonstick to allow easy release for your desserts and effortless clean up. They are made from durable steel for longevity and are dishwasher-safe. For versatile baking pans for varied kitchen tasks, Williams-Sonoma has a wide selection of different options to consider.

Using the sheets and pans from our baking registry makes work easy and fast. Thanks to their easy-to-use designs that make kitchen tasks a cinch. You can make the entire process more fun with our Junior Chef tools that allow you to get your all family in the mix. Your kids need to learn to prep those delectable brownies, cookies or banana soufflés. Our junior knife set is certain to get your child excited. Supervise them as they learn to chop dough into the right sizes. Get a lightweight nonstick cookware set so they can learn to fry and grill. Make your child a real chef with a chef jacket that features all the details of a professional jacket.

We understand that it can be somewhat daunting to pick the ideal bakeware options. For this reason, we have even gone a step further to get you the Top-Rated bakeware to complement our bakeware registry favorites. If you love making casseroles, then a rectangular stoneware covered casserole dish makes an ideal pick. Enjoy even baking and browning for your muffins with a ceramic-coated pan. Donʼt forget to add square, round or rectangle cake pans to your registry if you still love traditional cakes.

It is possible to add options to your registry list that can be used as gifts, too. Let your guests know that the options will be used as gifts and with our selection of Top Gifts itʼs much easier to do that. We have stainless-steel measuring cups and spoon sets that are certain to last for long. With our mixing bowls, pepping eggs or batter to add to dough is even easier. Check out our spatulas that are heat resistant with extra-strong beechwood handles for efficient use. A full bakeware set even makes more sense as an ideal gift. It features cake cans, loaf pans, cookie sheets, cookie pans, cooling racks and muffin pans to get you started right out of the box.

We are certain that including the right doughnut tools in your registry will make a huge difference in your cooking. Our Doughnut Shop features cooking racks, spatula sets and doughnut mixes that you love. Get the right shape for your doughnut with our stainless-steel doughnut cutter that is easy to use. Itʼs even easy to sprinkle sugar on your desserts with our mesh sugar shaker. Our measure spoons and cups allow you to add the correct amount of ingredients to your baking dishes before baking. Get our digital ovens and watch as your doughnuts turn into tasty treats right before your eyes.

Be among the first to try our new selection of bakeware. We are confident that adding these options to your registry will certainly make you a great cook. Our New Arrivals on bakeware tools features options, such as pancake kits and bakeware sets. Get hole or twist pans for your doughnuts that have nonstick finishes for easy release. We have adorable options from brands like KitchenAid to get you baking tools from your favorite brands. Our cakelet pans come in varied shapes and styles that your junior chef will love, too.