Pizza Stones and Tools

Turn your home into a part-time pizzeria with our pizza stones, wheels and cutters and our pizza oven that’s the perfect party machine. If you use a pizza oven or other wood-fired oven – or one of our stove-top ovens – you’ll want a pizza stone that evenly retains and conducts heat to create a consistent, properly chewy crust. Pizza peels help you slide pies out easily when they’re ready, and cutters help you create slices like a pro. If you prefer to use your standard oven or toaster oven you want metal pizza pans and crispers. When it’s pizza time, we have all of the pizza necessities you need to start enjoying sizzling pies fresh from the oven.

Our eco-friendly pizza peels feature broad wood bases that act as cutting boards as well as big pizza-getters. The handles stay cool and keep your fingers away from the heat. The peels can also be used for breads and calzones. Williams-Sonoma’s Wood Bread and Pizza Peel is a smaller pizza peel that is perfect for home ovens. Have pizza and pasta night more easily with crispers that work in convection or standard ovens. the pans have evenly spaced perforations to help hot air circulate around the crust for an even golden brown everyone will love.

Make pizza at home and the whole household wants to get involved. It really is fun to top pizzas with whatever foods you love best, whether you love pineapple or maple bacon on your pie. Someone can grate the cheese, someone can use the veggie tools to chop toppings and someone else can stir the sauce so the whole gang is involved. Use your garden produce or pick up fresh mozzarella, basil and tomatoes to make a gourmet pie to enjoy with wine or craft beer. Experiment with new and innovative pizza toppings, sauces and cheeses and your pizza night is suddenly an adventure. The kids will smell the unmistakable aroma of baking pizza goodness and decide to stay in more often if you’re not careful with your new pizza skills.

Single cooks should also treat themselves to pizza night. With the investment of a few tools, you can save yourself a lot of money compared to having pizzas delivered. Most recipes for the crust dough are only four to six ingredients at most with very easy directions to turn the dough into a pizza-parlor-worthy masterpiece. An oil dispenser and pizza wheel are both handy to have on hand when cooking pizza. Pizza wheels give you one-handed control over the size of slices, while oil shakers and dispensers let you easily add oil to pans when prepping veggies or cooking doughs that need oil.

Professional pizza choppers and cutters are the two-handed way to rock and roll a pizza into uniform slices. They are easy to hold and use and fit across the entire diameter of most pies to cut both sides at once. If your pizza-wheel cutting aim isn’t so straight they don’t notice and cut nice straight slices. Likewise, if you can’t toss a pizza crust in the air and twirl it around to stretch it like a pro, no sweat. Just find the right rolling pin and you can make a uniform crust with no airborne-dough mishaps.

It’s always fun to make your own meals and foods from scratch, and we have rectangular pizza stones and deep dish pans for Chicago-style or Sicilian-style pizzas if that’s your family’s preference. If you’re a busy cook but still crave some homemade pizza, use one of our pizza helps to help you get the wonderful sights, smells and tastes of fresh pizza in your life.