Nordic Ware Bakeware

In 1950, the Minnesota-based company Nordic Ware introduced the world to the Bundt® cake, a gorgeous confection with stunning ridges that transformed dessert and can still impress any dinner guest now. Today, the family-owned business is still running strongly, and the world cannot get enough of its bakeware. In addition to those original Bundt® cake pans, Nordic Ware bakeware has expanded into a full line that includes angel food cake pans, pound cake pans and pans for seasonal and holiday baked treats. Because we know how satisfying it is to bake the perfect cake, Williams-Sonoma offers numerous Nordic Ware bakeware products for you to choose from.

The Dalquist family who started Nordic Ware found inspiration for their original Bundt® cake pan from the German treat known as the “kugelhopf.” Similar to an American coffee cake, the kugelhopf was made from a ring-like German stoneware mold. Nordic Ware currently offers a Heritage Bundt® Pan, inspired by that original German model. At 10" in diameter, the curvature of the cast-aluminum pan produces a cake worthy of even the most upscale events. Sprinkle it with confectioners’ sugar or pour a light glaze over the top for a mouthwatering dessert. A smaller 8.5" version is available, as is a pan that makes six mini cakes.

If you want something even fancier, look to the company’s anniversary Bundt® cake pans. For example, the 70th Anniversary Crown Bundt® Pan bakes a cake with detailed peaks and ridges meant to represent the company’s Scandinavian roots. Nordic Ware offers a number of Bundt® cake pans in nontraditional shapes, like scalloped hearts, a loaf, a flower blossom, a fleur de lys, a square and the original German kugelhopf cake. Seasonal and holiday cake pans, such as apples to celebrate the autumn harvest or skulls to make ghoulish treats for Halloween, are also available. You can even choose from a selection of cakelet pans to create smaller, personal versions of your favorite Bundt® cakes.

If you dream of those Bundt® cakes your mother or grandmother used to make, look no further than the Nordic Ware Vintage Bundt® Cake Pan. It features the shapes and angles that most closely resemble the company’s original 1950s-era pan. Like other Nordic Ware bakeware, it is made from durable cast-aluminum that evenly distributes heat for proper rising without compromising the details of the ridges. The central tube further allows for even baking. And losing the top layer of your cake will never be a problem with the cake pan’s nonstick interior.