Nordic Ware

Win the prize for the best looking cakes ever seen on the cake stand when you bake with the tried-and-true cast aluminum bakeware pieces from Nordic Ware brought to you by Williams-Sonoma. The tough and durable material in the molded cake, cakelet and other pans made by Nordic Ware helps the pans keep their shape and retain the crisp edges that make your baked goods look so spectacular. Your friends will think you’re hiding a secret from them, but your success is guaranteed when you follow the recipe, the baking directions and the release directions while creating the lovely baked goods possible with this bakeware.

There are Bundt cake recipes available commercially, or you can use your mixer to create your own recipe or follow a proven one. Most quick bread recipes will work as long as there are no chunky ingredients that might attach to the edges of the pattern. You can buy decorative Nordic Ware pans in gift sets with quick breads included for a trial run or to give to a baker you know. A recipe from scratch may take a bit longer than a box mix, but all of the cake pans make such pretty baked goods you won’t need to make any frosting. A dusting of sugar or a light glaze drizzled over the top is the only finishing work required.

Before making any of the smaller items including the teacakes, mini-Bundt cakes, cakelets or bouchons, be sure to have some handy mixing bowls with pour spouts to help you fill the individual molds more precisely. You can choose from cakelets in holiday, seasonal and elegant shapes that are suitable for kids’ parties and elegant gatherings. The teacake plaque from Nordic Ware is typical of the quality construction and design of these U.S.A.-made products. The plaque makes 30 tiny cakes at the same time in irresistible shapes including stars, hearts and roses.

The Nordic Ware cake pans are available in several styles that make truly stunning cakes. The Anniversary pans are especially festive, but all of the pans deserve a special cake server to slice them. The lovely curves and tiers of the heart-shaped, Kugelhopf, square, vintage and blossom cake pans will help you create memorable desserts to share with those at home, work and your community for many years to come. If you or your loved ones prefer angel food cake, order the professional-quality angel food cake pans that easily invert to release the spongy goodness inside.

You have a lot of creative possibilities with the commercial-grade decorative loaf and cakelet pans. You can take a plain Bundt cake and surround it with holiday cakelets, or take a decorative cake and add matching mini-cakes. Bake cakes and cakelets in various flavors and colors, with a specific taste for each individual shape. A simple slice of the Anniversary Bundt cake looks beautiful on a dessert plate with a few berries, a button of whipped cream and a sprig of mint. The apple cakelet shapes work well served with caramel dipping sauce or used as a garnish to scalloped apples.

Nordic Ware has been family made since 1948, and pans are considered heirlooms in many families. The designs of some of the cake molds are based on historic European and Nordic cookware for authenticity. The center holes in pans and the cast aluminum material evenly conduct heat to cakes for thorough baking and browning of the cake crust. Order your favorite Nordic Ware bakeware when you order your other baking and pastry tools to have the pans on hand for any special event. Specialty cakes make awesome gifts for all occasions, and Nordic Ware pans make them look like works of art.