Glass Mixing Bowls

When baking and cooking, glass mixing bowls are just one of the tools of the trade. Every baker also needs bakeware to get the batter into the oven in style. Whether youʼre baking cookies, cakes, pies or brownies, your collection of baking equipment will need to be extensive for success. Ceramic mixing bowls are a popular item with many cooks and bakers because they come in vivid colors and they stand the test of time with their strength and durability. Once you begin collecting various baking tools and accessories, you might find it challenging to store your wide array of gadgets and pans in the kitchen, but most cooks manage to find a system.

Whether you choose glass mixing bowls or ceramic mixing bowls, the kids will appreciate it if you add some fun cookie cutters and pancake molds to your kitchen collection. Imagine the thrill of flipping seasonal pancakes shaped like skulls, pumpkins and bats around Halloween. You can communicate your love for your family with pancake molds shaped like hearts, flowers and butterflies. When mixing up and rolling out cookies, the kids will adore the many cookie cutter themes available at Williams-Sonoma. Choose from princess, safari, farm animals, or add an eight-piece Star Wars set to your collection. You could even spell out special names or a message with alphabet mini cookie cutters.

Measuring cups and spoons go hand-in-hand with ceramic and glass mixing bowls. In fact, you could even create a matching set of bowls, cups and spoons by choosing a set of glass measuring cups for the kitchen. These mixing cups come in a variety of sizes, and the graduated measurements are easy to read on the sides of the cups. You have plenty of other options for mixing cups besides glass, however. Explore various sets, including those made of copper, stainless-steel, melamine and flexible silicone. Measuring out spices and other dry ingredients for baked goods is a simple process with a full set of stainless-steel or melamine measuring spoons.

Thereʼs no doubt that baking takes a lot of time, but there are helpful shortcuts to streamline your time in the kitchen. With prepackaged baking mixes and ingredients, you can make all of the delectable baked goods your family craves at a fraction of the time. Imagine preparing mouth-watering pies, cakes, ice cream, brownies and cookies that your family will love. Using prepackaged mixes can be your secret, and your family might never guess that you took a little shortcut. Special dietary restrictions are no problem, either. Choose gluten-free brownie and pizza crust mix to make delicious baked goods that everyone will be able to eat. If homemade pies are high on your list, stock a few essentials in your pantry, such as pecan pie in-a-jar or blueberry pie filling.

Baking and pastry tools help ensure baking excellence. Kneading and rolling out dough on a prep board is the mark of an experienced baker. Not only does the board offer a smooth surface, it also has pie diameters marked on it for rolling out pie crust. Some bakers prefer marble for a pastry board. After combining the ingredients in ceramic mixing bowls first, you turn out the dough onto the marble surface, where the dough will stay firmer thanks to the coolness of the marble.

Donʼt forget the pie dishes and tart pans if you enjoy mixing up these sweet endings to dinners. With specialty pie dishes and tart pans in your collection, you can impress your family every time. Made from stoneware, stainless-steel, glass and ceramic, thereʼs a pie dish or tart pan to appeal to every baker. Many items are also nonstick for flawless baking results.

A set of beautiful glass mixing bowls or ceramic mixing bowls is essential to enjoyable and delectable baking success.