Measuring Cups

Measuring Cups & Spoons

Choose your first set or your latest set of measuring cups and spoons from Williams-Sonoma and experience the bliss of successful recipe execution. Having accurate, sturdy, easy-to-clean measuring tools is the key to cooking from any recipe, but most especially when baking up loaf pans full of cranberry bread or when making any sort of baked goods. Do like the pros and have more than one set of measuring spoons in your equipment drawer. When you need to use the same size spoon for a variety of ingredients in a recipe you’ll want the ability to measure without having to wash the same spoon multiple times. The same goes for any measuring tool you use frequently. Start out with a complete nesting set of stainless-steel measuring cups and spoons to have all of your bases covered, then you can add extras of the spoons and cups you use most often.

Remember that liquid and dry measures are different when it comes to cup measures. You’ll want to have a few liquid measuring cups on hand. One Anchor Hocking glass cup or three-piece OXO plastic pourable measuring cup set usually suffices for all of your different liquid amounts in a recipe, since you can see the smallest to the largest graduated levels as you add liquid. Pourable measuring cups make it easy to add liquid ingredients to a blender with cup markings if it already has solid food in it making blender pitcher measurements questionable.

Victory in baking recipes requires careful attention to the weight of your flour, which should be 5 ounces per cup. If you pack flour too densely it will weigh too much and your recipe will not perform. If you do a great deal of baking, go ahead and use a scale to accurately weigh your dry ingredients.

Cooks who love copper need our copper spoons and cups made with stainless-steel cores. They bring a warm, vintage glow to the kitchen, and copper has antibacterial properties to boot. If you need metric spoon measurements because you use recipes from other nations, choose our melamine or stainless-steel spoons or the Narrow Measuring Spoons designed to dip into small openings of ingredients without making a mess. They are great for getting into the spice jars that other measuring spoons are too large for, and they keep you from pouring dry spices all over the place trying to aim for a tiny measuring spoon. Cooks who use odd fractions of cup and spoon measures will appreciate the All-Clad odd sizes set, with standard cups and sizes including 2/3-, 3/4- and 1 1/2-cup sizes. Spoons are available in standard plus 2-tsp.,1 1/2-Tbsp. and 2-Tbsp. sizes.

Liquid ingredients can be fussy too sometimes. Make sure to have a good spatula to scrape thick liquids like honey from the insides of your liquid measuring cups to get all of the ingredients called for in the recipe. You can also use one of our batter measuring bowls that lets you measure, mix and pour cake batter straight into the pan with no mess. The simple design also lets you pour perfect pancakes directly on the griddle or in shaped rings. The Flex-It food-grade silicone measuring cups have flexible tops you shape to the task, so you pour drip-free muffin batter and easily add liquids to the mixers without raising the attachment.

All of our measuring spoons and most of our dry measuring cups have holes in the hand grips so they can be attached to a ring. In a cluttered utensil drawer, the ring will keep the set together and easy to find. Professional bakers and pastry chefs often hang their measuring tools for storage, so the measuring cups and spoons they use every day are always in sight and close at hand. Our pot hooks will easily allow you to do the same thing on one of our pot racks or you can use a keyring holder or other shelf with hooks to organize your measuring supplies.