Emile Henry Cookware

Whether you’re a skilled baker with years of experience crafting delectable breads, pies and cupcakes, or an amateur baker that likes to make the occasional homemade loaf of bread, our line of Emile Henry cookware and bakeware sets will take your baking skills to another level. From pizza stones to baguette bakers, our cookware allows you to create fresh-baked dishes that are rich, moist and delicious. We create all of our handcrafted cookware using our traditional local clay, which is found in the mineral-rich soil of France. Our team of expert artisans apply all of our glazes to each piece of cookware by hand.

Enjoy all your favorite comfort foods using our bakeware, including loaded baked potatoes, mouthwatering cheesecakes or bake a fresh pizza using one of our versatile pizza stones. Specifically designed for convection ovens, these multipurpose ceramic stones allow you to achieve those crispy, golden brown crusts that are the signature of any great pizza dish that comes directly from a traditional pizza oven. The stones are made from Emile Henry’s proprietary lead-free flame glaze surface, which allows you to use them as handy little cutting boards, and the stones are safe to use in the microwave. Each handcrafted stone is built to withstand the high heat that you need to create a classic Italian pizza pie.

If you’re in the mood for some delectable sandwiches using fresh French baguettes, then try one of our classic baguette bakers. Our bakers give you the flexibility to cook three 13" fresh baguette loaves that are moist on the inside and lightly crispy on the outside. The baguette baker gives you that classic texture you want in a fresh French baguette by releasing excess steam through holes in the lid. The baker also serves as a multipurpose cooker by allowing you to steam fresh fish and vegetables, and you can use the baker to slow roast the meats you need for your fresh baguette sandwiches.

If you’ve been yearning for the classic look, feel, smell and taste of a freshly baked pie, then try creating one from scratch using one of our timeless and tested pie pans. Nothing smells like home more than a freshly baked pie, and our line of bakeware ensures you and your family enjoy that heavenly aroma that fills your house by evenly distributing heat during the baking process. Unlock the versatility of our pie dishes by creating a scrumptious chilled fruit salad or use it to bake an indulgent double chocolate fudge cake or a healthier angel food cake. Choose from an array of bright colors that is sure to bring a little fun and pizzazz to your table.

Add to your collection of classic Emile Henry cookware by choosing from one of our rectangular or square bakers or one of our 3-piece ruffled baker sets. Each piece allows you to open up your baking creativity by discovering new recipes for casseroles, lasagnas or some soft-baked brownies. The ruffled edges on each piece allow you and your family to conveniently cut and serve hearty portions. The rectangular and square bakers come in four colors, including burgundy, navy blue, caramel and nougat.

For your all-purpose cooking and baking needs, try one of our traditional rectangular baking stones. The stone’s rectangular shape makes it easy for you to bake golden brown flatbread, family sized pizzas or cookies. Use the stone on your grill to cook small or thin foods that may otherwise fall through the cracks. The rectangular baking stone also works as a handy serving dish, which eliminates the need to double up on some of those serving dishes when you’re entertaining a large group. All of our pizza stones, bakeware and cookware from Williams-Sonoma is dishwasher-safe.