Casserole Baking Dishes

A casserole is a terrific side dish or main entrée, especially during the cooler seasons. Experimenting with foods such as spaghetti squash, pumpkin and corn make for a great meal for harvest season and autumn. With the ability to cook much more than just casseroles, the right type of casserole baking dishes from Williams-Sonoma can help you bake veggies, side dishes and other meals conveniently in your oven. Having the right equipment, however, is paramount to a great meal. Choose from a range of different casserole dishes to suit your baking needs.

A smaller, oval-shaped casserole dish made of stoneware works well as a baking dish, casserole dish or even an ideal dish for a small roast. A tight-fitting, included lid keeps moisture and juices inside of the dish, keeping food fresh and warm after cooking. Stoneware is an excellent oven-safe material for baking and cooking, and it also provides uniform heat throughout your food. This type of dish is safe for the oven, freezer, broiler and dishwasher, so its versatility adds to its ease of use. Stoneware also does not absorb odors of flavors, so you can safely bake a green bean casserole one day and then an apple dessert the next. This type of dish also comes in a myriad of bright colors to complement your existing tabletop and kitchen decor.

If a small, oval dish does not suit your casserole needs, look for similar casserole dishes with different shapes and capacities to prepare a wealth of food. For example, a square casserole is slightly deeper and may be more adequate for larger, layered casseroles. A deep-dish pate terrine casserole offers expansive depth, and it includes a press for further compacting food. Although made for baking pate terrine, this dish is ideal for a number of different casseroles and meals, and it is easily transferred from oven to table to refrigerator to microwave, making it a useful all-around baking dish. Its included lid also locks in flavor.

Some cooks may prefer a very large casserole dish, big enough to even create a lasagna. Consider a rectangular stoneware stoneware baking dish. Shallow but long, this dish is terrific for layering noodles and other foods, or for making an excellent side dish. Porcelain casserole dishes are also available in different shapes and capacities, offering a delicate look while providing strong durability with a porcelain construction, safe for any type of oven.