Ramekins & Mini Cocottes

Baking Dishes

Cook up something wonderful when you choose from our incredible selection of baking dishes. From cookies to cutlets, we have a pan available to help you serve your friends and family like a chef. Create bubbling casseroles with square and rectangular bakers, or make perfectly crispy, crunchy-edged brownies with our professional-level bakeware collection. Designed with you, the user, in mind, each item is crafted from high-quality materials for ideal durability, heat transference and as little sticking as possible. Shop bakeware with Williams-Sonoma today and access high-quality products that truly withstand the tests of time.

Cook chicken and other meats perfectly in our beautiful and sturdy stoneware roasting pans. Dishes come with a stoneware lid that helps to seal in moisture while baking, producing soft, tender meats that retain their juices. Available in square, rectangular and round shapes in a variety of sizes, these multi-talented baking pans are versatile enough to find a home in anyone’s bakeware collection. Especially useful for slow-roasting turkey, whole chickens and other poultry, stone roasters and baking dishes make turkey dinners easy; once the bird is done, just pull it out of the oven and remove the meat. Then, you’re free to use the drippings to make your favorite gravy. Roasting beef and pork? Our ovenware supports this need, too; just leave the lid on for the first 75 to 80 percent of the baking time. Remove it near the end and pop your meat back into the oven to gently brown the top. Stone and ceramic ovenware makes producing juicy, well-browned meats that remain moist and full of flavor simple.

Baking lasagna, pasta dishes or au gratin? We have options for that, too. Stainless-steel and copper pans provide expert-level heat transference, radiating heat up and through your pasta and cheese dishes for even cooking. These durable baking tools come with features like molded steel handles that make it safer and easier to lift them in and out of the oven when wearing bulky oven mitts. Smooth, reflective surfaces make after dinner dishwashing a breeze, letting you wash away caked-on food without intense scrubbing. Corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant stainless-steel and copper cookware dishes offer increased longevity, reliability and heightened durability, too. Choose pans with a matching metal lid for baking food with the cover on. Pans with a matching plastic lid can’t be placed into the oven with the lid on, but they make tucking leftovers away in the refrigerator quick and easy once dinner is done.

Craving sweet treats and light, fluffy tarts? Let us help you bake the perfect pastry with glass and stoneware pastry dishes. Fluted edges help you seal your filling in, so there’s no spills, overflows or messes after baking. Well-suited to everything from homemade apple pie to quiche, these dishes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, letting you customize your delectable desserts and enjoyable entrées to your heart’s content. Bake deep-dish pies in our oversized and extra-deep glass bakeware dishes, or create little apple-shaped pastries in our apple-shaped tart pans. Both styles have an interior reservoir and fluted edges to keep the best part of your delicious homemade desserts inside the pan.

Any kitchen, whether home or commercial, can benefit from better organization. Being able to find the dish you need quickly is important; that’s why we offer stackable, easy-to-organize bakeware options that take up less space in your cupboards. Our white oven-to-table bakers come in a variety of graduated sizes, each nestling into the next, so you have the options you need for creative baking at arm’s reach and with less overall room required. Many of these come with snap-on plastic lids, meaning you can bake, take and store your creations all in the same dish. That means there’s less to clean up after dinner and less plastic waste. Need an all-in-one solution? We have that, too; our packaged bakeware sets let you set up a new kitchen or start building a bakeware collection from scratch with just a single purchase. From stoneware to stainless-steel and copper pans fit for a chef, we believe having the right options on hand can help you to be at your very best each time you enter the kitchen.