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Niman Ranch Profile

Niman Ranch Profile
These days, you don't have to travel far to find a restaurant that proudly displays the words "Niman Ranch meats" on its menu. The name Niman Ranch is virtually synonymous with quality and responsible farming. Since its founding more than 20 years ago, the pioneering company has set the standard for the finest-tasting, naturally raised meats on the market today.

It all began in 1978 when journalist Orville Schell published Modern Meat, a book that exposed the agribusiness industry's dependence on chemicals, growth hormones and feed additives to maximize profits. The company he founded with Bill Niman, then called Niman Schell, started business in Marin County, California, just north of San Francisco. Today the company is known as Niman Ranch, but its vision has remained the same: to produce the best-tasting beef, lamb and pork by adhering to a strict code of responsible animal husbandry.

Niman Ranch livestock are treated humanely, fed the purest natural feeds (without hormones or antibiotics) and raised on land that is cared for as a sustainable resource. Unlike most meat in the United States, which is mass-produced on factory farms and sold through a series of intermediaries, Niman Ranch works with a select network of small family farmers in the West and Midwest. This system allows the company to monitor the quality of the meats from the farm to the consumer.

Niman Ranch beef: Well-marbled, tender and tasty, Niman Ranch beef is considered by many chefs and food writers to be the best in the world. The company begins by selecting only breeds that have been known for producing superior-quality beef for generations. The cattle are raised on three Niman ranches as well as on family-run ranches throughout the Western states. Cattle graze on pasture for about one year and then are moved to the company's Idaho ranch, where they are fed a natural-grain diet.

Niman Ranch lamb: With a rich, mellow flavor and no trace of gaminess, Niman Ranch lamb offers spring-lamb flavor year-round. The company works with only the finest breeds and raises them with ample space and natural feed. Tended by Basque sheepherders, the flocks roam the golden hills near Rio Vista, California, and wildflower meadows in northern Utah.

Niman Ranch pork: Niman Ranch hogs are raised by a small group of independent family farmers in the Midwest who respect the land as a vital, renewable resource. Fed only the finest grains and natural ingredients, the animals thrive in open pastures and deeply bedded pens. The result is pork with superior marbling, flavor and tenderness.