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How to Chop Pork

One of the most flavorful portions of authentic Carolina-style chopped pork is the tasty browned surface of the meat, known to barbecue aficionados as the "outside brown." Follow these steps to chop a barbecued pork shoulder in the traditional style. For the complete recipe, enter Chopped Barbecued Pork in our recipe search box.

  • How to Chop Pork To chop the meat properly, carefully slice off the outside brown with a cleaver; set the outside brown aside.
  • How to Chop Pork Now slice the juicy meat beneath into thick slabs. Using the cleaver, chop the slabs into 1/2-inch chunks.
  • How to Chop Pork Chop the outside brown into uniform pieces, and add a portion of them to each serving of chopped pork.
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