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Calphalon One Infused-Anodized Cookware

Made of heavy-gauge aluminum, Calphalon One Infused Anodized cookware is infused inside and out with an advanced polymer. Its cooking surface offers unmatched durability and versatilityon the stovetop, in the oven or under the broiler. The brushed stainless-steel handles are designed to stay comfortably cool to the touch, and with the domed stainless-steel lid in place, moist heat circulates naturally inside the pot. Handwash.

  • Calphalon One Infused-Anodized Cookware Superior Results
    From the simplest to the most advanced cooking, youll notice the difference. Foods sear and brown to perfection, then lift away without breaking.
  • Calphalon One Infused-Anodized Cookware High Performance
    Seared meats develop a beautiful brown surface, yet remain moist and juicy inside. The tasty brown bits of meat that are left behind on the cook surfaces are just what you need for making rich sauces in the same pan.
  • Calphalon One Infused-Anodized Cookware Easy Care
    Inside and out, the infused metal is ultra-smooth and nonporous your assurance of fast, simple cleanup every time. And because the cooking surface resists scratching, it easily stands up to the abrasiveness of metal utensils.