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An Elegant Lunch

Just one look shows how elegant this menu is. What makes it effortless is everything is prepared ahead of time. So when mom’s special day arrives you can spend all your time with her instead of in the kitchen.

  • Menu:
    Blackberry Kir or Kir Royale

    Creamed Broccoli Leek Soup

    Shredded Chicken Salad with Sherry Dressing

    Composed Dessert Plate

  • Casual bouquets of pastel flowers, such as lilacs or hydrangeas, make beautiful centerpieces. Keep them small so they don’t block the view across the table.

  • Welcome family and friends with a glass of wine or cocktail as soon as they arrive to help set a festive mood. 

  • For a simple dessert, purchase a selection of bakery cookies, premium chocolates and fruit gelées, allowing 3 or 4 pieces total per person. Arrange them on footed glass serving plates or in bowls and garnish with fresh mint sprigs.   

  • Set the table with a neatly pressed linen or cotton tablecloth.  Use small crystal or glass bowls in place of salt shakers, and bring out your favorite stemware for a touch of sparkling elegance.  

  • Before anyone arrives, pour the blackberry liqueur into the glasses.  Then, all you’ll have to do is top it off with chilled white wine.