Zwilling Wine Pump

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No longer available
  • The next time you find yourself with a partly finished bottle of wine, count on this sleek, modern tool to preserve the delicious flavors and bouquet for up to seven days. Quick and easy to use, it slows oxidation of red or white wines by extracting air from an open bottle and resealing it with a reusable rubber stopper.

    • Zwilling's wine pump is simple to use: cap an open bottle with one of the stoppers, then insert the pump and pump it several times until you feel resistance, indicating a firm seal.
    • To reopen the bottle, simply twist and lift the red tab to release the vacuum seal.
    • Made of durable 18/10 stainless steel with a smooth matte finish.
    • Stoppers include an integrated vacuum seal indicator with an easy-release feature.
    • Includes two reusable rubber stoppers for standard wine bottles.
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