Zoku Quick Pop Tool Kit

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  • $19.95
  • Take your Zoku Quick Pops™ to new levels of creativity, flavor and fun with our accessory kit. These tools make it easy to create layered colors, decorative designs and cream-filled classics.

    • Three pour cups simplify making layered pops.
    • Unique cup design has easy-to-read measurements and a drip-minimizing spout.
    • Siphon extracts liquid from the center of partially frozen pops, making room for creamy fillings.
    • Fruit wand precisely applies decorative fruit slices to the sides of the pop molds, where they freeze into the pop.
    • Angle tray lets you create colorful layers and geometric designs. Simply fill the molds partway, then rest the freezer unit at any angle. As each layer hardens, add more liquid and tilt the unit in the same or another direction for different effects.
    • Heart- and star-shaped cutters can be used to cut fruit into shapes which can be layered into the pops.
    • Includes cups, siphon, fruit wand, angle tray and instructions.
    • Made of durable plastic.
    • Dishwasher safe.