Zojirushi Water Boiler & Warmer

No longer available
  • Serving hot beverages to a crowd is a lot more convenient when you’re equipped with this efficient machine. It quickly boils water, then keeps them at your chosen preset temperature. The one-touch electric dispenser allows for neat, easy beverage service for large gatherings.

    • Provides up to 101 ounces of hot water for tea, coffee, cider or hot chocolate.
    • Micro-computerized temperature-control system boils liquids to 212°F, with four keep-warm settings: 140°, 175°, 195° and 208°F.
    • Easy-to-use one-touch electric dispensing system.
    • Energy-saving timer function automatically turns on the boiler up to 10 hours later.
    • Cafe drip dispensing system allows you to brew directly into a drip-style coffee pot.
    • LCD display shows actual water temperature, as well as temperature and timer settings.
    • Water-level gauge shows how much water remains; nonstick interior is easy to clean.
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