Nielsen-Massey World Vanillas, Set of 3

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  • Vanilla extracts from Nielsen-Massey have long been the choice of bakers and ice cream makers for their unparalleled quality. Our set includes extracts of vanilla from Mexico, Tahiti and Madagascar, created through an exclusive cold-process method that preserves their intense nuanced flavors.

    • A set of three extracts from the foremost name in vanilla.
    • Mexican vanilla is known for its creamy, spicy flavor.
    • Tahitian vanilla is prized for its aromatic, fruity flavor.
    • Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, the king of vanillas, is legendary for its sweet, smooth, mellow flavor.
    • Excellent for baking, making candy and ice cream, and flavoring sweet and savory dishes alike.
    • 2 fl. oz. each.
    • Made in USA.