Williams-Sonoma Soda Syrups

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  • Hand made in small batches in the wine country of Northern California our soda syrups recall old-fashioned soda fountain favorites. The artisan syrups are made using natural cane sugar, not high-fructose corn syrup, as well as the best spices and flavorings. Simply combine with sparkling water and enjoy.

    Cola contains the extract of real cola nuts from trees grown in Africa, South America and the West Indies. We’ve added notes of spice, citrus and caramel.

    Cherry Cola adds tart, sweet dark-cherry juice to natural cola nut extract and spice, citrus and caramel.

    Root Beer contains an old-fashioned blend of natural roots, herbs and bark (such as sarsaparilla)—along with sassafras, birch and wintergreen, cinnamon and caramel.

    Vanilla Cream is infused with our own Tahitian and Bourbon vanilla blend and pure cane sugar.

    • 12.7 fl. oz. (375 ml.)
    • Made in USA.
    • A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
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