Williams-Sonoma Salad of the Day Cookbook

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  • Fresh, vibrant salads are the ultimate expression of the changing seasons. This calendar-style cookbook presents an enticing collection of 365 salad recipes, one for every day of the year. From January to December, you'll find a salad that will satisfy any craving and suit any menu, from light lunch or starter salads to protein-rich main-dish salads, to slaws and potato salads perfect for picnics and side dishes. Recipes by Georgeanne Brennan cover the full spectrum of salads, including green and vegetable salads, bean and grain salads, meat and poultry salads, seafood salads, egg salads, pasta and noodle salads, and fruit salads. Notes accompanying each recipe offer ideas for ingredient variations, garnishes and other helpful tips. Full-color photos enhance many of the recipes, and calendars at the beginning of each chapter provide an at-a-glance view of the best dishes and ingredients for that month, offering inspiration for shopping at farmer's markets. Hardcover, 303 pages.