Williams-Sonoma Risotto, Carnaroli Rice

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  • Hailed as the "king of rices," Carnaroli delivers a satisfying bite when cooked, making it an ideal choice for risotto and rice salads. Our Carnaroli rice is from the Grange Vercellesi, a famous rice-growing area in Italy's Piedmont, where it is produced for us by a fifth-generation family business devoted to low environmental impact farming. The long, firm grains are prepared using traditional stone husking, a gentle method that retains the nutrients in the outermost layer of the grain, enhancing the taste and texture of the cooked rice.  Simmer gently in stock while slowly stirring to release the natural starches, and you'll have a risotto that is rich and creamy yet perfectly al dente.

    • 2.2 lb.
    • Made in Italy.
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