Dillon's Distillers Cocktail Bitters Trio

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  • Just a dash of a quality bitters can turn a cocktail from humdrum to haunting. Based in Ontario’s Niagara wine region, Dillon’s distills grapes from local vineyards using custom copper pot stills made specially for them in Germany. The neutral base is then infused with carefully selected botanicals, grown locally where possible and dried and prepared by the distillers themselves, using absolutely no artificial flavors or colors. Each bitters is crafted by hand, one batch at a time. This set includes three of their signature bitters.

    DSB Bitters, redolent of sour cherry, orange and clove, is an all-purpose addition to classic cocktails like the Manhattan.

    Cranberry Bitters complements the bright, tart flavor of cranberries with notes of anise.

    Pear Bitters adds a zesty note to the sweetness of ripe pears and vanilla.

    • Set of three includes one 100ml-bottle of each flavor (300ml total).
    • Made in Canada.