WellnessMat Companion Mat

No longer available
  • Thanks to its compact size and cutout handle, this portable WellnessMat makes projects more comfortable in every room, in the garage and in the garden. Helpful for standing, crouching or kneeling, the therapeutic polyurethane cradles your joints with an amazingly resilient layer of support, suspending your body weight and reducing stress and fatigue.

    • Specially engineered polyurethane material creates a thick layer of cushioning with the ultimate in shock absorption and consistent “bounce back” every time.
    • This is the anti-fatigue mat of choice in commercial environments, including hotels, airports and restaurant kitchens.
    • Made to withstand daily wear and tear, the mat is resistant to stains, heat, fading, punctures and cracks.
    • Gradually tapered edges reduce trip hazards and always lie flat.
    • Promotes better posture, circulation and muscle conditioning.
    • Non-slip top and non-skid bottom.
    • Inherent antimicrobial properties make the mat easy to clean.
    • Seven-year manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Made in USA.
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