We Love Jam Blenheim Apricot Jam

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  • For three intense weeks every July, Eric Haeberli and Phineas Hoang handcraft this jam using fresh Blenheim apricots harvested from a nearby ranch in Northern California. Their unique blend of these rare apricots and secret spices produces a jam with intoxicating flavor and velvety-smooth texture – and makes their small batches a sought-after favorite among fans worldwide.

    • Handmade with fresh, organic Blenheim apricots selected from a ranch in Gilroy, California. Blenheims are an endangered variety of apricot prized for their tantalizing flavor.
    • The fruit is transformed into jam within an hour, producing an intense, super-fresh apricot flavor.
    • Sweet, honey-like taste, with a subtle tang.
    • No pectin added.
    • Excellent on toast, in yogurt, as an accompaniment to cheese, and as a traditional glaze for desserts.
    • Produced in limited quantities once a year.
    • 9 oz.
    • Made in USA.
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