VegTrug™ Wall Hugger Planter

$9.95 $259.95
  • The Vegtrug™ Wall Hugger is flat on one side so it fits snugly against walls, fences, and other vertical surfaces. Like the original, it provides a range of soil depths to suit the preferences of both deep- and shallow-rooted edibles. Because it’s portable, you’re free to move the planter to take advantage of microclimates as seasons change as well as to accommodate changing outdoor spaces.

    • Elevated design minimizes discomfort of bending over and helps keep pets and pests out.
    • Sloping bed provides ideal growing conditions for a range of plants.
    • Flat on one side to fit flush against walls and fences.
    • Small enough to fit small outdoor spaces with enough capacity to yield an abundant harvest.
    • Crafted of FSC-certified sustainable fir.
    • Treated with a food-safe water-based wood preservative.
    • Includes a fitted, breathable fabric liner for drainage.
    • Assembly required.
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