VegTrug™ Aluminum Trug

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  • Plant and harvest vegetables at a comfortable height for tending them in this sturdy raised planter. The deep V-shaped bed provides a range of soil depths to suit the preferences of deep-rooted vegetables like tomatoes, ground-hugging herbs like thyme and everything in between. Because it’s portable, you’re free to move the planter to take advantage of microclimates as seasons change as well as to accommodate changing outdoor spaces.

    • Elevated design minimizes discomfort of bending over and helps keep pets and pests out.
    • V-shaped bed provides ideal growing conditions for a range of plants.
    • Small enough to fit small outdoor spaces with enough capacity to yield an abundant harvest.
    • Crafted of durable powder-coated aluminum.
    • Includes a fitted, polyurethane liner for drainage.
    • Simple assembly required.
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