Complete Pumpkin-Carving Set

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  • Halloween's most magical masterpieces begin with our deluxe kit. Whether your goal is to create simple grinning pumpkins or intricate holiday sculptures, you'll find everything you need for gutting, carving, decorating and illuminating the ultimate jack-o'-lanterns. Just add imagination!

    • Our Complete Pumpkin-Carving Set includes pumpkin gutter, pumpkin-carving kit, pumpkin tattoos and pumpkin lights.
    • Designed to attach to any drill, the pumpkin gutter quickly scrapes out the inside of the pumpkin—removing strings and seeds in seconds. It also thins the walls of the pumpkin to make carving easier.
    • Our handy three-piece pumpkin carving set includes a
small carving saw, etching tool and scoop.
    • For easy decorating, four tattoo decals create intricate patterns with detailed black and gray lines that show you exactly where to carve and etch the pumpkin. Set includes four decals: raven, bat, snake and skull.
    • Our set of two mini LED pumpkin lights comes with a remote control that allows you to turn them on and off, adjust brightness or change flicker settings from up to 20 feet away.
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