Traditional Finish Charlotte Mold, 2 3/4"

Traditional Finish Charlotte Molds

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  • Chuck Williams chose this mold on his first buying trip to France in 1959 – and it has been a favorite ever since for making charlottes luscious baked apple dessert that originated in 18th-century Britain. It is thought that the charlotte was  named for Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III. The pan is equally suited to making a charlotte Russe, a 19th-century chilled variation made with Bavarian cream nestled in a ladyfinger shell.

    • Heavy-gauge tinned steel ensures even and gentle temperature distribution for consistent baking or chilling.
    • Flared sides simplify creating the bread or ladyfinger linings and releasing the finished desserts.
    • The tin coating is nonreactive to acidic foods, and protects the pan from rust.
    • The traditional heart-shaped handles simplify maneuvering and inverting the filled mold while adding a decorative touch.
    • Also handy for preparing puddings, ice cream, aspic and individual cakes.
    • Dishwasher safe.
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