Top Bar Beehive

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  • Raising bees not only provides you with the freshest honey, it also gives your fruit and vegetable garden plenty of pollinators for increased harvests. The simple design of this top bar beehive allows combs to be inspected and harvested one at a time, creating minimal disturbance to the hive. Unlike stacked-style beehives, the top bar beehive does not require heavy lifting, and it comes with a stand so you can care for it without stooping.

    • Hive and stand are crafted of untreated Western red cedar that is naturally rot- and pest-resistant.
    • 1”-thick boards provide substantial insulation.
    • Rustproof galvanized metal lid facilitates water run-off.
    • Simple to use and harvest—no extractors, frames or extra boxes required.
    • Top bar design allows bees to build their own combs.
    • Follower boards allow you to expand hive as needed.
    • Hinged roof provides easy access.
    • 29" x 5" hinged viewing window allows inspection and observation without disturbing bees.
    • Three side entrance holes; undesired entrances may be plugged with provided bungs.
    • Some assembly required; lid comes fully assembled.
    • Made in USA.
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