Three Months of Croissants

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  • Now you can savor freshly made croissants warm from the oven anytime. Once a month for three months, we’ll deliver chef Jean-Yves Charon’s authentic croissants to your door. The puff pastry is prepared in the traditional style, using butter and ultrathin layers of yeast dough, laboriously folded and refolded, cut and shaped by hand. Preparing them is simple: After the frozen croissants thaw, let them rise, then bake and voilà: warm flaky croissants.

    • Three monthly shipments of croissants.
    • Shipped frozen.
    • Made in USA.

    Month 1: Delivered Nov. 4–14, 2014 (in time for Thanksgiving)

    Butter Croissants: Traditional puff pastry made with ultrathin layers of butter and yeast dough that bakes up flaky and tender. Set of 12.

    Month 2: Delivered Dec. 9–19, 2014 (in time for Christmas)

    Chocolate Croissants: Butter croissants filled with premium Belgian Callebaut chocolate. Set of 12.

    Month 3: Delivered Jan. 6–16, 2015

    Mini Butter Croissants: Mini versions of our classic Butter Croissants, the perfect sizes for brunches and parties. Set of 18.