The Meadow Red Alder Smoked Salt

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  • Just a sprinkle of our finishing sea salts from The Meadows, an artisanal food purveyor in Portland, Oregon, can radically enhance and balance the flavors of foods and bring out subtle sweet and savory nuances. This salt’s intensely smoky flavor comes from slow smoking crystals of evaporated Pacific Ocean seawater over red alder, a tradition established by the Salish Indians, natives of the Cascade Mountains in western Washington. The salt has an assertively smoky aroma and taste—grind it sparingly over salads, roasted or grilled meats and creamy to add hauntingly woodsy notes that linger on the palate.

    • Taster: 1 oz.
    • Small: 2 oz.
    • Large: 7.2 oz.
    • Made in USA.
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