The Meadow Kilauea Onyx Salt

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  • Just a sprinkle of our finishing sea salts from The Meadows, an artisanal food purveyor in Portland, Oregon, can radically enhance and balance the flavors of foods and bring out subtle sweet and savory nuances. The water for this sea salt is harvested from the ultrapure waters off Molokai, Hawaii, and slowly evaporated using a proprietary process, yielding perfect, whole crystals. Charcoal added during the evaporation process gives this salt its striking obsidian black color and an earthy flavor. This is a superb finishing salt for grilled fish, fruit salads, sushi and sashimi –any lighter-colored food that would contrast with the black grains for maximum visual impact.

    • Taster: 1 oz.
    • Small: 2.4 oz.
    • Made in USA.
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