The Meadow Haleakala Ruby Salt

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  • Just a sprinkle of our finishing sea salts from The Meadows, an artisanal food purveyor in Portland, Oregon, can radically enhance and balance the flavors of foods and bring out subtle sweet and savory nuances. To make this striking red sea salt, seawater from the waters of Molokai in Hawaii is evaporated with purified black lava rock, then combined with alaea volcanic clay harvested from bright, beautiful veins within layers of lava rock. The clay gives the crystals their distinctive deep rusty color and adds trace minerals. The salt has exceptionally complex flavor—fully 16% of its content is naturally occurring minerals and trace elements. The moist, crumbly grains shine on seafood like grilled fish, sashimi or seared scallops.

    • Taster: 1 oz.
    • Small: 2.2 oz.
    • Made in USA.
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