The Honey Crate

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  • Red Bee Honey handcrafts single-source artisanal honey at its apiary in southern Connecticut. The company likens its honey to fine wine, believing that each batch has a unique flavor profile linked directly to the land where it was produced. Like fine wine, each varietal of Red Bee honey is available only for a limited time in a limited supply. Our gift set includes Red Bee orange blossom honey, Red Bee honeycomb and a Washington navel orange tree. Agricultural regulations prohibit shipments to Florida and Texas.

    • The honey, harvested from orange groves in Florida, is great on its own, as a glaze or in cranberry sauce.
    • Delicate in flavor with a rustic texture, the honeycomb is entirely edible and pairs well with toast and artisanal cheese.
    • Our potted orange tree can be grown and harvested on a patio or in a sunny kitchen. (See More Info and Use & Care tabs for further details.)
    • Made in USA.

    Crate includes:

    • 16-oz. Red Bee Orange Blossom Honey.
    • 16-oz. Red Bee Honeycomb.
    • Washington Navel Orange tree.
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