The Bouchon Cookbook by Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller's, The Bouchon Cookbook

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  • Chef Thomas Keller is passionate about bistro cooking—so much so that, to satisfy a craving for the older, casual cooking made famous in France, he opened Bouchon restaurant right next door to his famed French Laundry. This book features 150 of the classic recipes served in the restaurant: perfect quiche, deeply flavored onion soup, simple but irresistible roasted chicken, classic steak frites, traditional-style tarte tatin, and more. A natural teacher, Keller reveals how proper technique, respect for raw ingredients and patience to make the recipes the right way, without shortcuts, elevate the meals you prepare. He shares his deep knowledge with the reader: why you should caramelize onions for five hours before turning them into soup; how to taste for balance in your dishes; how to recognize the right hazelnut brown color for a brown butter sauce; how far to caramelize sugar for different uses. Cooking through this beautifully photographed book, which captures both finished dishes and scenes from the restaurant, is almost like being at Bouchon in person. Hardcover, 360 pages.

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