Taylor Digital Scale & Measuring Cup

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  • Professional chefs and bakers will tell you that measuring ingredients by weight is more precise and reliable than measuring by volume. Taking the guesswork out of measuring liquid or dry ingredients for American or international recipes, this precision tool is a kitchen scale and measuring cup in one.

    • Foolproof multi-use tool combines an all-purpose kitchen scale with a measuring cup.
    • Dual measuring and conversion system makes it easy to work with American cookbooks (which use cups, ounces and pounds) and international cookbooks (which use grams and milliliters).
    • Ideal for measuring any liquid or dry ingredient.
    • Digital readout is conveniently displayed on the measuring cup's handle.
    • "Add and weigh" feature allows you to measure ingredients one after the other, without stopping to empty the cup.
    • Preset functions automatically convert five commonly used baking ingredients (flour, sugar, milk, water and oil) from ounces (weight) to cups (volume).
    • Measures liquids in cups, fluid ounces or milliliters.
    • Measures dry ingredients and solid foods in ounces/pounds or grams; presets for flour and sugar also measure in cups.
    • Easy-to-read measuring cup is marked in 1/4-cup and 2-ounce increments .
    • Weighs up to 6.6 lbs.
    • Measuring cup removes from the base for quick, easy cleanup.
    • A measuring conversion chart is included.
    • Runs on one lithium battery (included).
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