Sweet Lauren Cakes Pumpkin Cake Pops

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No longer available
  • Handmade at the artisanal bakery Sweet Lauren Cakes in San Francisco, these imaginative cake pops are a distinctive, conversation-starting treat. The orange pumpkin pops are made of chocolate cake with premium ingredients like Guittard chocolate, Ghirardelli cocoa and Strauss Creamery butter, sourced from neighboring Bay Area producers. Each cake pop starts with moist, baked-from-scratch cake that is broken into crumbs, rolled with fluffy cream cheese–based frosting, then hand-dipped in chocolate to create a delectable shell. Individually wrapped and tied with a ribbon, the pops are packaged in a gift box that doubles as a display stand.

    • Set of six.
    • 2" diam., 8" tall each (including stick).
    • Shipped chilled.
    • Made in USA.
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