Steel Grill Roaster

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  • Turn your backyard grill into an outdoor kitchen – our steel grill roaster makes it easy to cook a crowd-pleasing meal in one innovative pan. Designed to work on top of your charcoal or gas grill, the perforated stainless-steel pan gives foods direct exposure to the flame while keeping even the smallest ingredients safely inside. Thanks to our exclusive patent-pending perforated design, your favorite foods will take on savory, fire-smoked flavor.

    • Tiny perforations expose your foods to the fire, adding rich, smoky character.
    • Unique design keeps even the smallest ingredients safely inside the pan.
    • The roaster sears and browns beautifully, sealing in juices for succulent results.
    • After searing meat or poultry, add vegetables, close the grill – and let the fire work its magic.
    • Large side handles are easy to grasp, so it's simple to transfer the pan on and off the barbecue – even when you're wearing bulky grilling mitts.
    • Patent pending.
    • A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
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