Staub Cast-Iron Grill Pan & Press, 12"

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  • Whether you’re preparing Italian-style panini or a grilled chicken breast, stovetop grilling is twice as efficient with this ridged cast-iron pan and flat press. The square enameled cast-iron pan sears and browns foods beautifully, while the heavyweight press helps ensure fast, even cooking. Simply heat the press in the oven or in the pan, then place it atop the food in the pan to cook both sides at once.

    • Cast iron transfers heat evenly and retains it well.
    • The specially formulated black matte interior enamel contains traces of quartz for added durability and a textured surface that results in better browning.
    • The press weighs down food for even browning and searing – great for cooking sandwiches, steaks, burgers and chicken breasts.
    • The pan’s high ridges leave attractive grill marks while allowing fat to drip away.
    • The pan’s multicoat enameling ensures strength and heat resistance and creates a deep, vibrantly colored “majolique” finish similar in appearance to fine ceramic.
    • Resistant to rust, chipping and cracking, the pan requires no additional seasoning.
    • The smooth enameled exterior is compatible with all cooktops including induction.
    • The specially formulated black matte interior enamel of each piece contains traces of quartz, giving it additional heat resistance and a rougher surface resulting in better browning.
    • A spout on the pan’s side eliminates spills when draining liquids.
    • Made in France.