StarbucksĀ® Columbia Coffee Pods

Verismo™ Pods, Starbucks® Single Origin Collection

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  • Designed for use with the Verismo™ System by Starbucks® machines, our exclusive single-origin coffee and espresso pods showcase the unique flavors and aromas characteristic of some of the world’s most legendary coffee-growing regions. Vacuum sealed to preserve freshness, the prefilled pods brew true espresso or coffee with the same rich flavor you enjoy at Starbucks® cafés.

    Colombia Coffee: This single-origin coffee is grown on coffee farms on some of the highest mountains in the Andes, which results in rich, balanced flavor with juicy undertones and a crisp, nutty finish.

    Sumatra Coffee: A big and bold coffee with a distinctive earthy aroma and concentrated herbal spice, hallmarks of great coffee from Sumatra.

    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Espresso: From Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee itself, this single-origin espresso has a rare floral aroma, intense fruity sweetness and an elegant crispness characteristic of the very high elevation at which it is grown.

    Kenya Espresso: Exhibits complex layers of juicy black currant, fresh blackberry and even tart grapefruit for a distinctively refreshing, delicious espresso.

    • Sets of 12.
    • Coffee pods: 0.31 oz. each.
    • Espresso pods: 0.28 oz. each.
    • Coffee roasted in Netherlandd, packed in Germany.
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